Who can hire the virtual battery?

It can be hired by those supplies with legalised self-consumption surplus compensation facilities and a different same-holder supply with which they can share the virtual battery.

If I change the holder, do I keep the balance?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep the balance if the holder or the contract payer changes.

What is the cost of this service?

We currently offer this service totally free of charge for our customers.

Who can I share it with?

You can share it with a same-holder supply for which you are the payer, regardless of whether it is in the Balearic Islands or the Spanish mainland.

Does a virtual battery require maintenance?

No, it requires no maintenance or is linked to extra charges.

What happens to my virtual battery if I switch vendors?

Unfortunately, if you decide to switch vendors, we cannot keep your virtual battery's balance, and you will lose it.

How can I activate my virtual battery?

You can call the hotline number 900 373 417 or email us at oficines@uenergia.es, and we will advise you to get started saving as soon as possible.

Where can I view my balance?

You can view your current balance or the last bill issued in your customer area.

Why does the balance in my customer area not match my last bill?

In some specific cases, we may have already generated a new bill in which part of the virtual battery balance has been used, but you have not received it yet. Wait a few days, and you will see how everything balances out.

Can I switch the supply linked with the virtual battery?

You can switch the supply linked with the virtual battery as many times as you want, as long as you are the same holder and payer.

Why can I not share my virtual battery with another holder?

It cannot be shared with another holder since it would be considered a taxable donation.

Is it possible to share my virtual battery with other vendors' supplies?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. We can only apply it to U energia supplies.