At U energia, we sell electricity from 100% certified renewable sources without CO2 emissions, maintaining a clear promise to our customers to extract the highest return on our resources, with the least possible energy expenditure.

How we do it:

  • Bill monitoring: by monitoring your bills we can access our consumption history so we can constantly compare information from different periods.
  • Online bills are a quick and easy way to access invoices. It also means we are more respectful to the environment by reducing our paper consumption.
  • Advice about your power purchase agreement: we help adapt the minimum expenditure so the real needs of each household are met.
  • Decreased consumption: by using the network in a sensible and intelligent way, we have achieved significant energy savings.
  • Personal attention, both in person at our offices and virtually through our website.

U energia aims to inform and advise their consumers on how to save energy, by including information with their bills and through web tools. In this way they directly involve the consumer, enabling them to take direct measures to save energy.

At U energia, we advise our customers on all the aspects which contribute to the reduction of their energy consumption.

The National Commission on Markets and Competition recognises the use of energy from 100% renewable sources backed by the guarantees of origin. Since 2016, U energia has been accredited by the green trading company.

Our fixed rates*

By hired power €/kW day By consumed energy* (€/kWh)
P1 P2 P1 P2 P3
The daily special Without taxes 0,072415 0,010025 0,132252 0,132252 0,132252
With taxes** 0,080054 0,011083 0,146205 0,146205 0,146205
À la carte Without taxes 0,072415 0,010025 0,153131 0,142981 0,11466
With taxes** 0,080054 0,011083 0,169286 0,158065 0,126757

*The daily special rate. Average discount rate on energy pursuant to the RDL 17/2021.

Exceptional market cost adjustment

Our variable rate*

This is a fare with a variable price each month. That means the energy and power contracted are related to production cost, depending on the market price of the energy. Only 5€ + VAT (5.5€ in total) are added to the amount of each month for the services provided by U energia.

Tasting menu Without taxes Energy and contracted power at cost price + 5€ for the services provided by U energia
With taxes** Energy and contracted power at cost price + 5.5€ (5€ for the services provided by U energy + 0.5€ VAT)

* less than 15 kW of hired power
** Tax application according to current regulations

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