At U energia, we speak your language, and that's why we want to give you an easy-to-understand explanation of self-consumption, its types and how you can save on your energy bill thanks to your photovoltaic system.

What do we call self-consumption?

Self-consumption involves generating part of our electricity consumption by installing photovoltaic panels in your home, although your installation will remain connected to the electricity grid, so you can keep consuming when necessary, mainly during hours without sunlight.

The panels generate energy during the hours when electricity is normally more expensive, and therefore the saving on your electricity bill will be noticeable as soon as you install them. Also, did you know that you are ensuring that the electricity you consume is 100% clean and help to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere?

Since every home and company is unique, the installation must adapt to your consumption using monitoring tools with which you check your production and savings.

Self-consumption without surplus

In this type of self-consumption, your installation will not discharge electricity to the network even if you generate more electricity than you consume.

Individual self-consumption with surplus included in the simplified compensation.

In this option, we as your operator, will credit you monthly with an agreed sum for the energy you have generated, haven't consumed, and have discharged to the electricity grid. I.e., we will compensate you financially for turning your surplus electricity over to the grid at market price so that the cost will vary from month to month according to variations in the price.

It must be considered that the compensation may not exceed the total cost of energy minus the amount of tolls. That means the energy term will never be 0, as there will always be a minimum toll amount. Even so, there will be an important saving on your bill.

In the following document you will find more detailed information and examples of specific cases.

Self-consumption & compensation

The Virtual Battery is a product that U energia offers you free of any management charge. We encourage you to get informed if you still do not know it. We are at your service for any question you want to solve about it.

Virtual battery

Other types of self-consumption

Many types of self-consumption exist, for example, in owners' associations or residential complexes. If you live in one of them, discover the solutions the new legislation envisages!

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