What is it?

It is an innovative service functioning as a digital money box to store the Euro balance of your solar facility surpluses, which we cannot counterbalance under regulations. This balance can offset bills from other months when your photovoltaic system produces less energy or can be shared with other supplies bills. In addition, the virtual battery balance has no expiration date.

How does it work?

At sign-up, a virtual battery with a 0€ balance is generated. Subsequently, your photovoltaic system surpluses are monetised with each billing. If these exceed the ceiling to counterbalance, the remaining balance charges the virtual battery.

In the same way, whenever possible, it will be released to reduce the bill if there is a balance in the battery.

The virtual battery can be shared with a different supply. In this way, we will have a supply with self-consumption that can produce surpluses charging the virtual battery and be able to have another supply with the same payer. Both supplies will benefit from the virtual battery.

The virtual battery will be released regardless of the supply with the photovoltaic system and the linked supply (if any). It will be released with the first bill issued.

Self-consumption & compensation

What does it cost?

Unlike other companies, this service is offered free of charge.

Frequently asked questions