Our company evolved naturally out of Eléctrica Sollerense through the strength, enthusiasm and experience of our innovative team.

U energia is a service-oriented company based in the Balearic Islands that specialises in the energy, electrical and photovoltaic installations and telecommunications industries. We are licenced to market electrical energy on a national scale and are registered as telecommunications operators (fiber, landline, mobile and content) in the Balearic Islands.

We got our start back in 1892, when EL GAS S.A, a pioneer energy company based in Mallorca and the current owner of U energia, was founded. In the beginning, the company focused on gas production and, later on, electricity to supply energy to the Vall de Sóller, and specifically the towns of Sóller and Fornalutx.

U energia currently enjoys an ideal market position with maximum guarantees as it addresses the challenges presented by constantly evolving markets. This is the result of more than a century of tradition, optimisation and improvement in how we work, all to achieve maximum energy efficiency with reduced costs and dedicated customer support service.

Values: People and Technology

People, because we develop close relationships with our customers and provide high-quality personalised service that is available near you.

We use the latest technology to develop and maintain services, establishing a high level of quality.

Energy services

U energia sells electrical energy on a national scale. With its in-depth industry knowledge, U energia is able to offer highly competitive prices without losing sight of its two guiding values: People and Technology.

Grounded in these values, we offer added-value energy services such as assigned personalised consultants who develop close relationships with customers to offer them the best experience, including studies focused on adapting the electrical supply to best meet the customer's needs. We are also an active agent providing electric mobility services. U energia is currently deploying a network that both public and private electrical vehicles can use to recharge on the island of Majorca, our way of promoting future mobility. Furthermore, U energia is a member of AEDIVE (aedive.es), the Spanish association for the development and promotion of electric mobility (in Spanish, Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo e Impulso de la movilidad Eléctrica).

Telecommunications services

U energia's extensive FTTH fiber optic network covers the Balearic Islands. We are able to reach any location using our own network and those of nationally-recognised operators, thanks to our wholesale agreements, to provide solutions to any connectivity problem with capacities of up to 10 gigabits.

We operate landline telephones and offer diverse VoIP services that facilitate solutions ranging from simple answers to large-scale call volumes entailing both domestic and international traffic.

U energia is additionally a virtual mobile operator, which means we can provide à la carte mobile telephone services that take advantage of mixed coverage from the Orange and Movistar networks to reach any point on the Balearic Islands.

All of this service comes at the best price for quality and, we repeat, without losing sight of our two guiding values: People and Technology.

We are available to help with any queries you may have. Please check our contact information .