Promo Friend

Promotion Terms:

  • For every new customer addition, a discount amount of €30 (without indirect taxes included) will be created to be applied to the customer's that has brought another new client to the company electric bill.
  • If the total of the invoice is less than the total amount of the discount, its use will be pending for the next invoice.
  • The enjoyment of the discount does not expire for those who have brought a friend to U energia within the time of activation of the promotion.
  • No limit of contracts or total amount accumulated (but you can not present yourself if you want to register another electricity contract for you).
  • If the client who has brought a friend cancels his electricity contract before having been able to enjoy it, he can not receive it in cash.
  • Only valid for individuals. Companies can neither be beneficiaries nor generate discounts.
  • Promotion valid only for contracts entered from the website. The new client must enter its CUPS number through the web form at , and in the next step, he/she will be asked to enter the DNI of the client of U energy that has recommended it, so that he/she receives his discount amount of € 30.
  • The discount is applied to the terms of power, energy and rent of the invoice
  • The electrical supply identified by your CUPS number that has not had an active contract with U Energia in the 12 months prior to the date of signature of the contract will be considered as a new one.