What is fibre optic connection?

It is a very thin wire cable, through which pulses of light can be sent that represent data to be transmitted. This is why fibre optic increases the speed of internet connection.

What are the advantages of fibre optic?

  • Greater speed: you get 30Mbps with our basic package with which you will be able to navigate and download information much faster than with conventional connections.
  • Better experience: enjoy videos and movies in high definition. Play online without delays or interruption. You can connect several devices at the same time and still maintain an excellent connection.
  • Better quality in data transmission: fibre optic is not affected by external factors, and avoids interference and interruptions that can affect the quality of service.

What consists of the fibre optic installation process?

The fibre optic cable is installed inside the house usually through one of the existing conduits.

Once the cable is inside, the optical rosette, which is the point of entry for the fibre to the house, is installed and is the point of connection for the equipment.

The technician will install the equipment according to your preferences, and in such a way that any impact on the house is minimal, always respecting your environment:

  • In the optical rosette, the ONT (router) is connected, which is the equipment that converts the optical signal (light) into electricity.
  • The devices can be connected to the router via Wi-Fi or via ethernet cable.

After installation, the technician will make the necessary configurations to leave your service running.

Does the router have Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, our router has a wireless connection.

Here you have the configuration guide WIFI configuration guide (spanish) (1.2 MB)

What factors can affect the speed?

The agreed speed is guaranteed by the ethernet cable connection to the router. If you notice that it is slow, you can always do a speed test. We recommend that you visit the testvelocidad.eu page, connecting the device by cable and making sure you do not have any other programmes running or active applications.

The Wi-Fi connection does not guarantee the total agreed speed. This is because there are many environmental factors that interfere with the connection, such as the distance between the router and the device, the walls of the house, doors, etc. These are impediments that do not allow the signal to flow well.

What can I do if the Wi-Fi connection does not reach every part of the house or in the garden?

It is very simple. You can install devices such as repeaters that increase the coverage of Wi-Fi signal. We can give you all the necessary information to increase your coverage.