Is it necessary to have a landline to access the fiber service?

No, it is not necessary. We offer the option of a landline service. You can keep your previous number, but it is very important not to cancel your contract with your current provider until the portability process is complete. Otherwise the number will be lost.

If I choose a phone service with you can I keep my current number?

Yes, you can keep the same number. We need your identification document to request the migration and we will inform you by e-mail of the status of the portability process, indicating the date and time, as well as attaching an image to show how the phone should be connected to the router.

It is very important not to cancel with your current provider until the portability process is finished, as otherwise your number will be lost.

Is there a voicemail service?

Yes. By default, your voicemail comes deactivated. You can check its status by dialling *002.

To activate your voicemail dial * 001 and to deactivate it, dial * 000. To check your messages dial 123.

You can manage the call diversions to your voice account with the instructions of the following PDF: View instructions in this PDF (Spanish) (964.8 KB)

How much are calls charged for outside of my flat rate?

The domestic fixed telephony rates include unlimited calls between landlines and 60 minutes to mobile phones. If a client wants to extend the 60 minutes limit to unlimited calls, he/she can contract a 3€ (+ VAT) voucher.

Once the call limit is exceeded, minutes to national landlines and mobiles are charged at 0.02 cents without call establishment.

If you want to know the rates for international numbers, please contact us.

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