Domestic fiber

from 29,99€/month

If you are an individual or an SME, you can choose between any of the two symmetric connections we offer based on your needs:


If you are interested in any of our products, you can hire them directly by accessing our configurator


General contracting conditions

All our prices include VAT and apply to both individuals and SMEs, there are no joining or installation fees and no commitment to stay. Additionally, we install a Wi-Fi router at no extra cost.

If you wish, you can keep your current phone number regardless of the company you are with now.

Advantages of fiber optic

U energia sends 100% of fiber optic network to your home (FTTH). Below are some of the advantages of using fiber optic:

  • Low latency means connections are made faster, for a more fluid navigation. You can also play games online without delays.
  • High speed: a minimum of symmetric 100Mbps so you can watch videos and movies in real time without having to wait for them to download and allows you to share your photos and videos much faster.
  • Concurrence: with the fiber optic connection, you can connect your computer, mobile, tablet, console or any other device that requires internet connection without any issues.

Would you like Wi-Fi with MAXIMUM coverage and without any signal loss in your home?

U energia’s "Mesh" service allows you to enjoy 100% of your contracted bandwidth, meaning you will not be left without a signal anywhere in your home.

More information


You can check if your street already has fibre optic connection in our coverage page

Customer Support

On our customer support page you can find our contact information as well as our breakdown of service hours.

Professional fiber

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We have resolved some of the queries that have been raised since offering our fibre optic Internet service. We hope we can resolve your questions, if not, please ask us!