Would you like Wi-Fi with MAXIMUM coverage and without any signal loss in your home or business?

mesh diagram

U energia’s "Mesh" service allows you to enjoy 100% of your contracted bandwidth, meaning you will not be left without a signal anywhere in your home or business.

To avoid unexpected surprises on your bill, "Mesh" requires no installation or maintenance costs.

It includes equipment consisting of a mesh private or professional use router to guarantee the necessary coverage, and all for a monthly total of €6.05 (VAT included)*

In the case of large premises or homes, U energia is able to provide more devices, installing additional signal boosters at a per-unit price of €3.63 per month (VAT included) in order to guarantee the best coverage throughout all areas of the property.

"Mesh" is available to homes or companies located in any municipality of Mallorca.

*There’s no need to be a U energia customer to contract this service.

For more information, please contact us at oficines@uenergia.es or call 900 373 417.