Deployment of very-high-speed-fibre-optic in Deià

Thanks to the support of the European Regional Development Fund, U energy has been able to spearhead the very-high-speed-fibre-optic deployment project in Deià, a municipal district of Balearic Islands autonomous region located in the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca, on the west coast of the island.

The project will provide both households and businesses in the municipal district with a number of benefits adapted to their needs, among which we can highlight the following.

For companies in Deià it guarantees:

  • A base speed of 100 symmetrical megas
  • A very short response time
  • Active, individual monitoring every day of the year, with the consequent detection of any kind of incident and its resolution.

Households in the municipal district will have:

  • Low latency and high speed. Connections are made faster and therefore navigation will be faster.
  • Concurrency. With the fibre optic connection users will be able to connect their computer, mobile, tablet, console or any type of device that requires an Internet connection.

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